Junctions of weakly-coupled strongly-interacting ultracold systems

报告题目Junctions of weakly-coupled strongly-interacting ultracold systems

报告人姓名Andrea Trombettoni

报告人简介Dr. Andrea Trombettoni (CNR-IOM and SISSA) is a CNR Researcher working on ultracold atoms and superconducting devices. After his Graduation working on Josephson junctions, he took his PhD in 2001 in SISSA (Trieste, Italy) working on the dynamics of ultracold atoms in optical lattices. He then became Researcher in 2011. He has co-authored more than 100 papers in international journals, with around 4500 citations according Google Citation Index. He gave more than 60 invited talks in Conferences and  Workshops and 60 seminars in international Universities and Institutions. He co-organized more than 20 Conferences and Schools, and he gave more than 30 courses on Quantum Mechanics, Cold Atoms and Superconducting Devices. He has been advisor or co-advisor of more than 20 among Graduation and PhD students.