Metallurgical Aspects in Stainless Steel Alloys

报告题目Metallurgical Aspects in Stainless Steel Alloys

报告人姓名Fuad Khoshnaw

报告人简介Fuad Khoshnaw was dean of faculty of engineering for 5 years, 2010-2015, in one of the Iraqi universities. He spent 25 years of experience in teaching and research in UK and Iraqi Universities. He received PhD (Full Scholarship) in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from Loughborough University in 2010. Previously, he studied Metallurgical Engineering BSc (1986) grade 2:1 at the Technical University, Baghdad - Iraq, from where he received MSc (1991) and PhD (1995). He has 30 published papers with high impact-factor journal and international conferences in relevant subjects such as fracture mechanics, design of mechanical elements, stress analysis, welding, corrosion, electronics packaging and powder metallurgy. In 2018 he won a research grant funded by the Belgian Science Research Fund “FNRS” to work on a research proposal on Metallurgical Aspects in Welding Stainless Steel Alloys. In November 2018, he had been nominated as a Series Editor of Corrosion Atlas Book by Elsevier – USA. The book should consist of no less than 200 case studies in the first edition in 2019, which cover different types of corrosion in different industrial applications.